The internet is littered with "get rich quick" schemes and false sellers of "work for yourself' snake oil. This is not that sort of article.

1. Find A Role Model

Look for a blog whose audience is as similar to yours as possible but that seems to be pulling in real money.

The best way to know which blogs are doing well is to do a Google search for topics your audience would be interested in and then make note of the top pages from blogs that come up. For example, when I search "How Do I Set Up Google Analytics On My Blog?", here's what shows up:

I would skip over right away, and is a blank... So, first I'd look at Keep going down the list until you can identify the blog as "successfully monetized."

And before you ask, it's actually not that hard to figure out if they're crushing it or not! Here are some easy steps to tell how a blog is doing financially: